New me, new blog.

What do I want from this blog? What is it going to achieve? How is it going to help me grow as a person?

I have absolutely no idea. But I know that I want to do it, so I might as well start here!

First up, the rules about what this blog is NOT going to be: it’s not going to be some kind of pseudo-diary thing that I use as a passive-agressive form of revenge for the petty insults inflicted upon me in everyday life. Expect, of course, for when I do use it for that, in which case, it’s fine.

I’ve done a lot of self-examination of the past couple of months. I’m past my mid-20s now. That’s NEARLY late-20s, after which comes 30! I need, in the immortal words of my mom, to “get my shit together”. Which I think means she wants me to get a boyfriend, get married, knocked-up and deliver a grandchild, all in the next three-and-a-half years. She’s never shy about telling me how she was married and had two kids by the age of 23. Thanks, mom.

Oh, I’m going to get around to sorting out the design a bit. I was aiming for kind of cosmopolitan girl about town, with the pink hinting at a bold originality and touch of femininity. But I think I just picked a bit of a crap template. I’ll come back and fix it when I have time, I swear.

As part of my self-evaluation, I’ve been reading this:

I certainly didn’t agree with every word, but it’s an interesting read and it definitely made me think about a few things in a different way. I can’t say that this blog is a direct result of reading the book, but I guess it’s probably related.

Here’s to being UP! The new me. Get used to it, bitches.